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VOUCH was created out necessity in 2007. Fed up with the stagnant state of surfing and surfboards at the time. Evan Squirrell had Paul Hutchinson shape him a batch of Displacement Hulls (sub 7 foot, rolled bottom entry, slight concave through the fins and special rails throughout) to feed his curious mind. They needed a name, and Masayuki Mizuno (who was working in the factory at the time) had been also wanting to create something a bit different for when he returned home to Japan. Upon trawling through an English dictionary he had landed on the word, VOUCH. In a nutshell, a guarantee. Perfect. Everybody agreed that this fit perfectly with what we were trying to achieve.

They have never looked back and now Evan and Paul design every board together from Paul’s extensive knowledge from over 50 years of shaping and his cosmic array of templates. Masa also continues to further the brand within Japan, surfing daily and helping us refine boards for both the Japanese market and waves. He also handles his own bespoke range of Vouch clothing and also oversees and handles our custom wetsuit program.

Paul started shaping under his own label “Hutchinson Surfboards” in the mid 60’s. He was shaping all of Steve Cooney’s boards during the Morning Of The Earth era. He has hand shaped countless boards and even shaped World Title winning boards for surfers such as Beau Young.

Not only confined to Displacement Hulls anymore, Evan and Paul now focus on blending the best of the old and the new into something that is easy to surf and easy on the eye as well.

The overall theme is simple, but difficult to accomplish. Our boards are built for trimming effortlessly at high speeds, however, they also surf incredibly well off the tail too. They’re responsive, high energy boards that possess truly graceful cruising speeds that are much higher than many others…




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